Hightown Primary School

What can be brought into school?

I'm sure some of you are wondering what your child can or can't bring into school. Please see below for clarification: 

Can bring into school. (all must be clearly labelled with your child's name) 

  • Lunchboxes are allowed it does not have to be a plastic bag (as previously stated in lockdown)
  • Water bottle -must contain only water not juice (bottles can be purchased for £1)
  • A coat (weather dependant)

Can't bring into school. 

  • School bag - not required as no items will be brought to and from school i.e. books etc.
  •  PE kit - not required in school, pupils will be told when their PE day is by their teacher and they will be asked to wear it into school. (Letter with more details to follow shortly)
  • Stationary and toys from home - not required, all pupils will have stationary provided for them.