Hightown Primary School

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Arbor and Online Payments

Arbor – Parent Portal and App

The Inspire Learning Partnership have adapted a cashless way of working and have introduced the Parent Portal and App through Arbor.  A very simple system to use giving all our parents control of their children’s accounts.  The school will send a welcome email inviting you to choose a password and a link to setting up your account.  Once you have downloaded the app, you will be able to see the following information:


This gives a quick glance of the student’s daily timetable, meals, notices, accounts, guardian consents current attendance and club/trips.


The Statistics section shows information about the student's attendance, behaviour and progress statistics for the current term.

Guardian Consultations/Parents Evenings

The Guardian Consultations section allows guardians to book time for Parents Evening meetings by selecting one of the available time-frames as per the School's setup.


The Accounts section loads the student's current Meals balance at the school. You can also see any clubs/trips balances. Should the amount display a balance in red, the account would be in debt whilst if the amount shows in black, the account would be in credit.  You can then make a payment through the app which will be added or debited from your child’s account immediately.  You can also top up your child’s account whenever necessary.

Being a guardian for multiple children

If you are the Primary Guardian for more than one child in the school, you can access and view each child through the same portal by clicking on the name at the drop-down menu with the children's names in the top-left of the home page, then change sibling.

Available data on your child

If your child's school has granted access, you will be able to click on different parts of the home page to view more data on your child.

For example, clicking the attendance percentage will bring up the attendance page which breaks down the attendance figures into present, late, or absent.

Profile - this allows you to see basic information about your child, and highlights any unread notices or actions needing to be completed. You will be able to amend details such as your contact details, medical information, consents, and so on.

Contact the office on info.HPS@ilpartnership.org to help get signed up.