Hightown Primary School

Vision, values and expectations

'Together we thrive'

Our vision

At Hightown, we have high aspirations for our children and have a belief that education can open doorways to the future.  Our school empowers children to be passionate about learning and provides the children with the knowledge, skills and motivation to achieve academic excellence.  We strive to nurture their curiosity and most importantly build both their emotional resilience and their social development.  High quality learning experiences and enrichment opportunities support the development of the whole child and ensure success for all.  Our school motto of ‘Together we Thrive’, demonstrates our belief in working in partnership with parents and the wider community to achieve excellence in learning.  

Our values 

The INSPIRE values underpin everything we do at Hightown.  One child from each class is nominated every week as the INSPIRE winner and we celebrate their achievements in our celebration assembly. 















Children also collect individual INSPIRE points for demonstrating excellence in our values. 


Bronze = 50 INSPIRE points


Silver = 100 INSPIRE points


Gold = 200 INSPIRE points


Our expectations

Our Hightown expectations are to be, 'Safe, ready and respectful.'  These form the basis of our behaviour expectations and are easily understood by all children.

Be Safe - Be Ready - Be Respectful

 Like all other areas of learning, we teach children how to behave with a very clearly defined set of expectations in and around the school.  We dedicate a lot of time to teaching the behaviour we expect to see.  Listed below is our Behaviour Matrix which details how the children are expected to be Safe, Ready and Respectful.

Class Shields 



We reward positive behaviour in and around the school by awarding points on a class shield.  The points correspond to the matrix above and show how well each class has achieved the expectations on a weekly basis.  The winner of the class shield is revealed in our celebration assembly.  The winning class enjoy an extra break time with their class teacher on a Friday.



 Principal's Afternoon Tea


 In line with our behaviour expectations, we also reward positive behaviour whilst eating dinner in the dinner hall.  If children eat well, use their manners, talk politely to friends and are a role model at lunch time, they may be chosen to attend 'Principal's Afternoon Tea' which takes place every Friday.  It's Mrs Jakimavicius' favourite time of the week!