Hightown Primary School

The School Day

School Day 

Arrival times

From Monday 6th September 2021 when all children return to school they will be expected to arrive at 8:35am and no later than 8:45am.

 (Children arriving after 8:45am will be marked as late and will have to enter via the office)

  • The school gates will open at 8:35am, this includes the rear gate on Burgoyne Road into KS1 playground.

  • KS1 pupils to enter through the right hand gate and go into school through the side door.


  • Our Early Years parents will be able to come onto the school premises to drop their children off at the Early Years classroom door by the main gate each morning. 


  • KS2 parents will be asked to drop their children off at the main school gates to the left of the school and children will walk to the main playground by themselves.


Collection times

  • Gates open at 3:00pm this includes the rear gate in KS1 playground on Burgoyne Road.

  • Early Years and KS1 children (Yrs R, 1, 2) are to be collected at 3:05pm from their classroom door in the KS 1 playground.

  • KS2 children (Yrs 3, 4, 5, 6) can be collected at 3:10pm from the main playground.

  • Years 3 & 5 will come out from the hall door into the playground.

  • Years 4 & 6 will come out of the top corridor door into the playground.